Get creative with your space. Don’t be afraid to move some furniture around to create as much space as possible. Rearrange furniture accordingly to use every room for your guests. If you need more seating, throw some pillows or blankets on the ground and make it cozy. You’ll want your friends to get comfortable while they mingle with other guests.




Keep the menu simple and accommodating for everyone. Before you plan out the menu, make sure to find out any dietary restrictions your guests may have and get cookin’ accordingly. Also, don’t stress yourself out before the big day by preparing multiple dishes. Select dishes that can be made in advance, such as a lasagna and a simple chopped salad. Use your coffee table or night stands to spread appetizers throughout the apartment. Cheese boards and simple finger foods make it super easy for guests to eat and enjoy the party at the same time.

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Save room for your refreshments. A mini bar or tray table is a great way to serve beverages to your guests. It gives off a celebratory vibe and saves that extra counter space for food and décor. Create labels to attach to the bottom of each wine glass so your guests don’t lose track of their drink. Need a spot to keep the ice? Try putting it in your kitchen sink. It’s easy access and excess water goes right down the drain!







Don’t go overboard with the décor. Small flower arrangements and candles are simple decorating ideas that won’t take up a whole lot of space. Use pedestals for appetizers that go with the color scheme to add some design while saving space! It’s also never a bad idea to add festive plates, napkins, and straws for drinks that go with your décor. The more creative you get with it, the more fun your guests will have, guaranteed!